Change to Email Subscriptions

Thank YouFirst, I can’t thank enough everyone who subscribes to this blog, whether through an RSS reader or as an email subscriber. After spending several days getting my own inbox and gmail filters under control, I empathize with anyone struggling to juggle too many emails and too little time, and I appreciate that you make time and space in your busy lives to keep up with my posts.

For this reason, I am changing the email subscription frequency to weekly rather than on as “as posted” basis. If you are already subscribed by email, you will now receive a weekly newsletter each Monday morning with any new posts from the previous week, as well as a few fun extras, such as interesting links, videos, or publication news.

For anyone who does want to keep up with posts as they are published, you can find real time updates on my Facebook page or Twitter feed.

I hope that this change is one that makes your life a bit easier. I would love to hear what you would like to see in a weekly newsletter, in addition to new post updates.

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