Whom do you surround yourself with?

“While some people might find my directness and my dry sense of humor to be offensive and intimidating, there are others who find it refreshing and entertaining. The trick is to surround myself with the latter.” ~ Anna, a 30-year-old from Seattle

Two Parrots

I was blown away recently by the wisdom of the above thoughts from a friend, and it made me think about the power of our choice of association.

It’s a choice we don’t often realize we have.

  • Who finds you refreshing and entertaining?
  • Who laughs at your jokes?
  • Who makes you laugh?
  • who appreciates your efforts?
  • Who notices your strengths?
  • Who listens to your worries and fears without judgment?
  • Who encourages your hopes and dreams?
  • Who applauds your efforts?
  • Who enjoys your company and tells you so?
  • Who trusts you enough to be authentic in your presence?
  • Who likes you for who you are rather than who you are capable of being?
  • Who makes you feel better rather than worse about yourself, your life, your world?

The trick is to surround ourselves with them more rather than less often.

Photo credit: Vjeran Lisjak

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