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“We grew up learning to cheer on the underdog because we see ourselves in them.” ~ Shane Koyczan

If you haven’t yet seen poet Shane Koyczan’s spoken word “To This Day”—a poem about being young and different and ostracized—do set aside time today to watch and listen. His TED Talk and one of the many videos submitted by To This Day Project supporters are below.

This topic is always near the surface for me. I recently wrote about the lingering effects of childhood teasing (be sure to read the comments, especially this one).

A related resource is an excellent blog post by Barb Markway (The Self-Compassion Project) on being extremely sensitive:

“Anyone who has read this blog from the beginning, knows that I’m extremely sensitive. It’s a part of myself that I’ve often not liked and struggled to accept. One particular aspect of this sensitivity that I’ve HATED is that I cry easily. It can be very annoying to cry at inopportune moments, or to cry for so long and hard that your eyes are puffy and red for hours afterward…” Read More

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    • Barb, thank you! I love your work and am eager to delve more deeply into your Self-Compassion Project. I also have a couple of students in my college classes who are curious to learn more about social anxiety, so I will post them toward your PT posts on that topic.

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