Why I Love #AWP

Walking into the AWP conference center this morning, I was reminded of why I fell in love with this conference last year. As I walked with another attendee who was looking for the registration area, we talked a bit about memoirs, and I mentioned that I am working on writing about the experience of reading and transcribing my great aunt’s diaries. She immediately recommended a book by poet Dawn Potter, Tracing Paradise, which is about her experience of copying every word of Milton’s Paradise Lost.

When I searched online for more information about the book, I learned that Dawn Potter is also a rural writer, and I can hardly wait to read about how she tackles the topic of engagement with another’s words.

On a different note, my husband is also in Boston to speak at the Long Eighteenth Century and Romanticism Colloquium at Harvard tonight. His talk is titled “Editing Gulliver, Moll, and Pamela: A Practical Guide.”

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