News! Brand New Cover and Reading Guide Series for Oscar’s Gift

In preparation for an upcoming month-long daily series of posts that will serve as an online reading guide to my historical children’s novel, Oscar’s Gift: Planting Words with Oscar Micheaux, I am happy to reveal a brand new cover!

New Oscar Cover

This new printing also includes some small changes and corrections to the text (not yet available in the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon), and for the next few months, the book will be available only as a paperback on Amazon and CreateSpace and as an ebook on Amazon.

Beginning on February 1 and for all of Black History Month I will post a daily reading guide series for the historical novel. You will learn why the Ford Model A cars that Tomas sees at the barn dance are red instead of black, how land lotteries worked, whether it was legal for Tomas’s mother and Joe Squirrel Coat to marry, and, of course, more about the real life of homesteader, author, and filmmaker Oscar Micheaux.

Please pass along the news, order your copies now so that you can follow along, and thank you all for your continued support of Tomas’s story.

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