Planning vs. Doing

planningDo you regularly set aside time for planning, or, like me, do you sometimes allow planning and deciding to seep into space that should be spent on doing and writing?

Natalie Houston has an excellent piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education about her personal productivity tips, including the importance of separating “deciding from doing”:

“Over the course of a week, I typically work on several different kinds of projects, with different timelines and different activities. In order for me to make sure that I’m on track for deadlines and balancing my responsibilities appropriately, I need to devote some clear-headed thought to planning my schedule and my task list for each day. If I have two hours of writing time scheduled in the morning, then I don’t want to waste any of it figuring out which writing project to work on. The mindset I bring to planning and scheduling is really different than the energy I bring to writing and for me it’s best to match them to the right task.” Read More

The Chronicle’s ProfHacker blog (also on Twitter and Facebook) is a terrific source of information and inspiration for creating a productive writing life, regardless of whether you are in a classroom.

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    • Frances, thank you! The summer blog hiatus was good for me (if unplanned). Fall always has felt like the start of a new year, anyway, more so than January, so I’m eager to jump back in.

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I just wanted to leave you a quick comment to know that I will be publishing a blog post very soon announcing that I have given you the Sunshine Blogger Award. I chose you because I love reading your blog, they inspire my writing and interest me so it always brightens up my day when I get a chance to catch up. I hope that you’ll take a couple of minutes to find out about the award and pass it on to your favourite bloggers.
    Love Katie x

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