Blogging on My iPhone

Yes, you can write blog posts, quite efficiently, on a smart phone.

I learned how to blog on my phone by accident recently, when I had planned to keep up with blogging at the AWP 2012 conference. However, I had difficulty finding a reliable connection for my WiFi-only iPad. Since I already had with me a wireless keyboard and had downloaded the free WordPress app, I figured I’d give it a go:


The result was much easier and more efficient than I had expected. I just propped the phone and keyboard on my lap, and before I knew it, my fingers were flying. The keyboard is optional, of course, but my texting skills are far from fast or stellar, and because my hands are small, I find the bluetooth keyboard to be even more comfortable than my laptop.

The WordPress app allows me to cut and paste, post links, add photos, even insert html such as this em dash—almost everything I could do on my regular computer. While I am still getting used to some aspects of the app (as those of you who received an unfinished version of this post today witnessed), I can definitely see myself using this blogging tool often, especially when traveling.

Writing life in the 21st century was never easier.

How do you use technology to make your writing more efficient or more convenient?

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