When was the last time you played, really played, as in tuned out the rest of the world and joined your hands and imagination for the sake of nothing more than fun?

Earlier this quarter, just before the holiday break, I gave small groups of students in my Creative Thinking class piles of assorted LEGO pieces and asked them, in one 50-minute class period, to design the “newest and best LEGO set” that would fly off the shelves. They also needed to give their creation a name and narrative description. This exercise integrates several of Dan Pink’s six senses described in A Whole New Mind (the class textbook): Design, Play, Story, Empathy, Symphony, and Meaning.

Would you help me to choose the winner? They are all winners, of course (and the students hold copyright to their designs), and the exercise is ungraded, but a little competition can be fun.

Which is your favorite? Click on the small photos within the poll to see a larger image, and scroll down to read descriptions of each set.

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Avatar 2: Revenge of the Barbarians

The exploration of this newly discovered planet has gone horribly wrong. In the air and ground, the natives have had enough. Their attacks have begun to drive the futuristic Mec warrior and exploration plane out of the forest. Who will prevail in this planet-changing battle?

Battle of the Living Dead: Zombies’ Last Stand

In the Battle of the Living Dead, who will prevail? You control the fate of the zombies and their home land, Neptune. Will the zombies savage their saloon from attack and fire? Or will the aliens’ sheriff base hold its ground? In Zombies’ Last Stand, the adventure is up to you.

LEGO Space Race

Pick one of four unique space vehicles with powerful weapons to destroy your enemies and win the space race.

The Shabang: LEGO Mini Golf Course

LEGO’s mini golf course, “The Shabang,” is ready for action! It comes with creative courses, including a skate park, windmill, and the challenging 9th hole, The Dragon. When you grow tired of hitting the green, you can relax at the food court or take a drive on the golf cart. “The Shabang” is a hole-in-one when it comes to fun!

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

In a galaxy far, far away, there exists a group of revered treasure hunters. This quest is not for the weak. Travel to Treasure Island at your own risk. You have been warned…