Continuing this month’s theme of the need to defrag, I’d like to get other writers’ thoughts on how you handle Facebook. Do you use Facebook as part of your “writing life,” and, if so, how? If not, why not? Fan page? Profile page only? Do you use lists to notify selected friends about blog posts? Post them to everyone? Or as public posts?

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I don’t like feeling schizophrenic about my identity, and I admit that Facebook sometimes makes me feel that way. Is “Lisa Rivero, Writer” any different from just “Lisa Rivero”?

As usual, Jane Friedman has an excellent post about writers on Facebook. Her “What to avoid on Facebook” list, in particular, is a must-read.

So, here’s my question: Is there any downside to closing my Facebook Fan page (asking those folks, many of whom are already regular Facebook friends, to be friends on my profile page if they want to continue to receive blog updates) and using my profile page exclusively—with lists created so as not to spam the world with self-promotion and to reserve more personal statuses for close friends?