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GlobeIn a recent opinion piece from Zimbabwe, Dr. Tony Monda, author and art critic, writes about the “popular notion” that “madness is linked with creative thinking” and the importance of nurturing young artists:

One must note that there is huge emotional vulnerability that accompanies creative thought and artistic genius. It is therefore important for artists to have an emotional and intellectual support base and interact with colleagues, sympathisers and advisory mentors who will understand and are tolerant of ones talent and emotional vulnerability.


In conclusion, should your child show an interest and desire to become an artist, encourage them as early as possible, at pre-school to pursue their dreams. You might find they will also do better in other academic subjects. [Read More]

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  1. I had meant to post this on my other blog (devoted to giftedness and creativity), but I guess it works just as well here and may be of interest to writers! Need. More. Coffee. 🙂

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