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Blogs I Love, August Edition

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I Heart Blogs imageThis is a brief aside from the e-publishing series to announce this month’s “Blogs I Love” (see links and feeds in the right column). I am pleased as can be in August to feature three lovely and talented youth women, all of whom I first met when they were young homeschoolers. They continue to teach me more than they will ever know. Read, subscribe, comment, and enjoy!

  • Ariana’s Recipes for Life: Living, Cooking, Discovering: “Thoughts as a senior in college, musings about life in general, and most importantly, regular postings with new or interesting recipes complete with photos and ingredient lists, cooking tips, and stories. NOTE: All recipes are totally SOY FREE unless otherwise mentioned.”
  • The Selfish Dreamer: “I am a college student currently finishing my major in English Literature. I like fashion, plays, frisbee, dance and blogging.”
  • Alimental: “I currently reside in La Jolla, California with my husband Greg and our darling cat, Sid. I have a B.S. in Biological Sciences, and I intend to pursue a career in Nutrition and/or Public Health. Greg is currently working on his Ph.D. in Computer Music at UC-San Diego. I try to eat an unprocessed and completely plant based diet as consistently as possible.”


  1. thanks for the mention Lisa! I am trying to keep up the posting and knowing that I have some regular readers certainly helps!

    I do also enjoy keeping up with your blogs, its a great way to keep connected and you have some really fun stories and insights!


  2. Ariana, your blog is amazing! I got behind on blog reading lately and recently read your new site from its beginning. I really like the new title, and your use of photos (as always) perfectly complements your words.

    Ole to you! (If you haven’t yet watched the Elizabeth Gilbert TED talk that contains that reference, do so ASAP): http://www.ted.com/talks/elizabeth_gilbert_on_genius.html


  3. These are all new to me! I love checking out new blogs.


    1. Nina, all four of these young women are delightful (and talented). I love being able to keep up with them via their blogs.


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