Publication Countdown Begins on Monday!

Oscar's Gift Book CoverOn September 1, 2011, Oscar’s Gift: Planting Words with Oscar Micheaux, a work of historical fiction for middle grades, will be available as an ebook.

After giving this blog a bit of a rest for much of July, on Monday, August 1st, I will begin a month-long publication-countdown series about e-publishing: what led me to choose it for this book, what I have learned and am learning, options, resources, links, and questions.

Wanna join me?

3 thoughts on “Publication Countdown Begins on Monday!

  1. Kelsey, thank you! You probably have no idea how much your enthusiasm and passion for writing inspires me.

    Zeki, of course you will get one of the first copies! Thank you for being Oscar’s first reader. 🙂

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