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From Johanna’s Big Thoughts (Johanna Harness): “Being a Writer: What’s in your job description?”

We need specific criteria to understand our roles as writers and whether we’re meeting our goals.  Keep in mind that we’re more likely to continue writing over time if our goals are within our control.  (So instead of saying, “I’m going to get an agent,” we might say, “I’m going to have X number of queries out at a time.  If I get a rejection, I’ll consider any advice, revise my approach as needed, and send another query.”) Read More

From Deep Waters (Lisa Lauffer): “Creating a Good Relationship with Creating”

[F]or each of seven days we will create something that can be finished within ten minutes to two hours. We’d love to have you join us! We start this coming Monday, June 27, 2011. You can find details here. Also, if you wish, join our Facebook group to enjoy the camaraderie during the challenge, or even to lurk if you’d like to see how it goes first… Read More

From The Dish (Andrew Sullivan): “The Correct Use Of A Semicolon Is A Big Red Flag”

“My favorite case this semester was plagiarism within plagiarism. When I informed this student that I suspected her paper was plagiarized, she said to me…” Read More

From Marcia Richards…Married with Stories: “My Ten Commandments of Authorship”

10. Be patient and be tough – Writing your debut novel should take longer than any subsequent book. You have much to learn and practice. Don’t admonish yourself for not writing as fast as the next person. Traditional publishing is a long process where patience will save your sanity. Giving up would make this all a waste of time. Rejection is a part of being a novelist. Agents, editors and publishers may not want or have time to work with you. It isn’t personal. Keep writing, keep improving… Read More

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