As I’m reading books in preparation for an essay about the effects of 21st technology on writers, I’m—at the same time—immersing myself in technology this summer.

Girl Outside with LaptopIs that wrong?

I just ordered an iPad 2 (yes, that’s a squeal of delight you hear!), learned how to format Kindle books (so much easier and more fun than I could have imagined), and upgraded from the trial version of CyberLink’s Media Suite 9 that I used to make the video in the last post.

I also have a new blog background image to reflect the other focus of Summer 2011: what I’m now thinking of as The Hattie Project. Here’s an update:

☑ Proposal written and ready to send to agents
☑ Sample chapters written, revised, and proofread until my eyes are bloodshot
☑ Momentum gained and confidence at the ready

I’m reminding myself that I’ve done this before. It’s funny, though, how each book feels like the first, just as we have the same intensity of love and fear for each child (although we may make more mistakes with our firstborn).

Back to my technology summer. I’ve been waking up before 5 a.m. each morning eager to start the day and resume The Hattie Project. I want to think of a project for an ebook, just to be able to format it. I want to figure out how to optimize my blog for iPads. I want to make more videos.

What creativity block? Hello, summer!