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Links for WritersThis week’s Flash Narrative is forthcoming (probably tomorrow) and will experiment with a new form: video! I’m having a lot of fun this summer playing around with different kinds of design—I just learned how to format Kindle books, for example, and also plan to design a set of blog icons. Something else I’m having fun with is a trial version of CyberLink’s Media Suite, and my first project is a video Flash Narrative titled “A Surprise on William.” Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, here are some must-share links for writers:

Interview from Poets & Writers: Poet Craig Santos Perez on giving a poetry reading:

Strangest comment you’ve received from an audience member: Last March I read at a social workers conference in Guam and was asked, by a much more experienced woman (as in thirty years older), “Are you married?”  I barely made it out of that room alive… Read More

Essay from The New Yorker: Pulitzer prize-winning author Jhumpa Lahiri on “Trading Stories”:

My mother wrote poems occasionally. They were in Bengali, and were published now and then in literary magazines in New England or Calcutta. She seemed proud of her efforts, but she did not call herself a poet. Both her father and her youngest brother, on the other hand, were visual artists. It was by their creative callings that they were known to the world… Read More

Blog post from Courage 2 Create: Ollin Morales on “Confronting Feelings of Loneliness When You Write”:

[T]here’s no time when my aloneness is more evident than when I sit down at my laptop and type. And when I’m alone, it’s easy for the feelings of loneliness to creep in. These feelings puncture little holes in my writing process that make it that much harder to trudge along… Read More

Blog post from The Lit Coach’s Guide to the Writer’s Life: Erin Reel on “Four Confidence Saboteurs …  and How to Address Them”:

Don’t have the connections you’d like…the ones that could actually make a difference in your writing craft and career? Time to start getting social. Make it a point to surround yourself by the most talented people you can find in your community and online. You are who you surround yourself with, so make it a point to get to know people you admire. If this girl who grew up in rural Iowa can make cold calls to overworked New York City editors at 6 am Pacific time to sell a book, you can reach out to those people you’d like to get to know better… Read More

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