May 8, 1945, A Day One Comments On

I’ve always been a big fan of Karen Hesse’s Out of the Dust, a work of historical fiction for children (and adults) told through poetry. I thought it would be fun to allow Hattie to be a poet (click here to read more found poetry based on Hattie’s diaries). Photo (Public domain) via Wikipedia: “Winston Churchill waves to crowds in Whitehall, London on the day he broadcast the news that the war with Germany was over.”

May 8, 1945: A Day One Comments On

The day began like any other in early
May, the morning sun cast shadows long
The south wind close, a frantic whisper old and
New, until at eight a.m. when President
Harry Truman announced on this day, his birthday
That Germany had quit the war, having surrendered
In a little red school house in France, Eisenhower’s
Headquarters—”This is a solemn but glorious hour”
Churchill in England and King George the Sixth spoke
I heard them over the radio, London and Paris
Rejoice, but solemn prayers all instead of
Wild stuff, for we lost so many lives
This is a day one comments on. V. E. Day

Hattie's entry for May 8, 1945
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