Erin Reel: The Lit Coach

I Heart Blogs imageI don’t remember exactly when I first found Erin Reel’s blog, The Lit Coach’s Guide to The Writing Life, but I do know that it was a good day.

Erin has built upon her successful career as a Los Angeles based literary agent to become a coach for writers. In addition to blog posts and guests that never fail to provide a common sense and craft-based approach to writing (a couple of my favorites are her feature on cultural journalist Leo Adam Biga and her practical Q&A posts on topics such as author websites), she offers coaching services for both fiction and non-fiction authors.

Given that I’m obviously an Erin Reel fan, imagine my joy at being featured yesterday on her Blogs That Work series! Thank you, Erin. Another good day.

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  1. I am finding reading blogs more and more enjoyable as I continue to discover ones that speak to my hobbies and interests. Though I do find it hard to locate the good ones, thanks for posting this one with some info about it!


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