Weekend Links for Writers

Links for WritersFrom The Guardian: Writers at their Typewriters (a photo essay)

From Stylist Magazine: The Best 100 Opening Lines from Books

From Salon: Death to High School English

“I’ve sat at my desk, a stack of their two-to-three-page papers before me, and felt overwhelmed to the point of physical paralysis by all the things they don’t know how to do when it comes to written communication in the English language…”

From Cal Newport’s Study Hacks: Core Tasks vs. Periphery Tasks

“It has become increasingly clear to me that in most knowledge work, itโ€™s those who go to battle, day after day, to defend their core tasks who end up somewhere remarkable. By contrast, itโ€™s those who obsess over the periphery, and then get upset when no one cares, who end up tacking Dilbert strips to their cubicle wall.”

Finally: Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

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