Links for WritersFor a few weeks now I’ve been collecting interesting blog posts and other sites as I find them to share on the weekends as Bookmarkable! links. However, there is so much good information and writing that comes our way each day through inboxes and feed readers and Twitter and Facebook that I am going to start sharing what I find in shorter, more frequent “Misc. Links for Writers” posts. I’m inspired to do so by Tyler Cowen, a behavioral economist and one of my son’s favorite bloggers, who posts “Assorted Links” whenever he has a few on hand, with or without short commentary. Seems like a good way to share the love and wealth. 🙂

  1. From Poets & Writers: “Social Media for Authors: Forever in Search of Buzz” (a meaty article)
  2. Psychology Today Blog Post by Susan Cain: The Empathizing Power of Fiction (with a call to share your favorite memoir titles)
  3. E Victoria Flynn Writes about A Hankering for Typewriters and Other Things Old (great comments so far!)
  4. Pam Parker’s Electric Interview with Alan Heathcock (and a chance to win a copy of his short story collection VOLT)
  5. Author Nikki Katz Describes the Feeling of Writer Freeze (we’ve all been there)
  6. For Fun from BuzzFeed: “20 Insanely Creative Bookshelves” (I want these!)