Note: For this week’s flash narrative, I take inspiration from 1) micro-fiction writers extraordinaire  Pam Parker and Robert Vaughan to write a piece of exactly 100 words, and 2) for the voice, the first work of literary fiction I ever read (as a high school freshman) that challenged me to think beyond my comfort zone: William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying. You can read Hattie’s original entry here: April 15, 1921. For background information regarding Flash Narratives, go here .

 April 15, 1921: Beside the Other One

I walk the auto road to town in the cold, dusty wind. No rides come. Papa wears the nightshirt I sewed for him, the blood washed from the hem where I sewed my finger. He is operated on at 10:30 a.m. Afterward he sits up, not having had much ether, and smokes his pipe and dozes off while we talk. Nell, Billy, Boyd and I take Papa’s limb and foot, cut off four inches below the knee, to the cemetery. We bury it beside the other one, which we moved there from the farm, now that Papa is a Catholic.

photo of Mary and Ed Whiting

Mary and Edward (Papa) Whiting, August 29, 1920 (Edward’s 72nd Birthday)