I Heart Blogs (and writing prompts)

A couple of blogs to pass along this morning. First, in honor of the first full day of spring,Victoria at liv2write2day has posted a spring writing prompt for poetry or flash fiction. Her own poem in celebration of spring will be certain to awaken your seasonal passions. 🙂

Also, anyone who loves travel and world cultures and slice-of-life photography should head on over to the blog I Heart Mondegreens this morning for some delightful photos of the author’s favorite things about where she lives. While it’s easy to focus on the potential drawbacks of our plugged-in and online 21st century life, this kind of communication and connection—at once personal and global—is one of its virtues.

About I Heart Mondegreens: “Travel and international food lover. Originally from Los Angeles. Sleepless grad student. Married to D-Man the Spaniard and living in Southern Spain.”

A beautiful blog. Each photo holds the promise of a story and would serve as a terrific writing prompt.

13 thoughts on “I Heart Blogs (and writing prompts)

  1. Lisa, thanks so much for the mention on your blog. I’m wondering if you would consider guest-writing a writing how-to for one of my Wordsmith Wednesday columns. I know it’s late for this week, but maybe in the future? Victoria

    • Victoria, I’d be honored! Thank you. This week won’t work, but I’ll email you and put something together for later on. 😀

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