I’m currently re-reading Dan Pink’s A Whole New Mind for a class I am teaching, and it has reminded me of this short inspirational video based on his book Drive:

Note: The embed code has been glitchy, so if you can’t see the video above, click here.

This morning I realized that Pink’s two question can be reworded slightly for writers (my changes are in red):

“If you want to find your true motivation for your novel/story/character/work-in-progress, ask yourself this question: What’s my story’s/character’s sentence?” [another way of thinking about an elevator pitch]

“Think about your sentence, then use it to navigate your writing.”

And this one is particularly powerful, especially when we feel overwhelmed by a large writing project that is several months from completion:

“Each night, before you go to sleep, ask yourself: Am I further along on my writing project today than yesterday? Keep asking yourself that question, because that’s how we really improve and finish, day by day, step by step, over and over for a very long time.”