Bookmarkable Friday! Free biography, learning to drive, self care, and being alone

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s been a delicious week of spending time with our son who is home for spring break. We watched the original Star Wars trilogy (the original theatrical release), played game after game of Magic: The Gathering (well, he played and I pretended to understand most of the time), and enjoyed our favorite family meals that work much better for three than for two. I made a point of not taking on freelance index projects during this week so that I would not be pulled in too many directions, and I’m so glad I said “no” when I did so that I could say “yes” when I wanted to.

Below are some blog posts from the past week that I want to share. What bookmarkable finds have you made recently?

Free Leta Hollingworth Biography from Great Potential Press

Leta Hollingworth was a fascinating woman whose work has been a great influence on my own understanding of gifted education. She was born and raised in Nebraska and lived for awhile in Valentine, a town I know well, just across the state border from where I grew up. At age sixteen, she entered the University of Nebraska and went on to get her doctorate from Columbia University, where she began her pioneering work in the fields of gifted education and psychology.

Don’t miss this opportunity from Great Potential Press to get a free copy of her biography:

cover of Hollingworth biography In honor of Women’s History Month, we are giving away a free copy of A Forgotten Voice: A Biography of Leta Stetter Hollingworth with every order placed online. To receive your free copy of the book, you must enter the promo code “FV0311” when placing your order. … Read More

via Great Potential Press

Penny Jar is back! And she’s learned to drive.

I’ve greatly missed E. Victoria Flynn’s Throw me Thursday memoir pieces, but now she’s back, and better than ever. 🙂

I don’t know why, how, or what, but Past Me was brought out to show Current Me how lame she was. “That hair was definitely 80′s,” Sister’s Friend said. “You should have seen her when we taught her how to drive,” Sister said. “She was the worst driver I’ve ever seen.” Read More

A Lovely Post on Self Care

Nadine’s post on learning to care for herself touched me this week:

There are days when I want to push down whatever I’m feeling and just keep moving. Some days I don’t splurge on the extras, because I’m still very careful with money. Some days I could do all the right things and still not feel right. But I think this is all natural. Overall, I’m learning how to best take care of myself, and I’d be in a worse place right now if I weren’t making this effort. Read More

At about the same time, I read a post from Debbie Smith that included a video I’d first found through another friend a few weeks ago. It is the perfect follow-up to Nadine’s thoughts:


May you enjoy your weekend, alone or with others, and care for yourself always.

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  1. Lisa,

    Thank you so much for the mention and the comment on the blog and the video for speaking quietly and strongly and for your support, always for your support.

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