Like artist and writer Rebekah Joy Plett, I’m getting a little tired of snow. Unlike Rebekah, however, I didn’t think to turn the white stuff into an opportunity to exercise my creativity. Be sure to take a peek at the artistic snow sculpture she shared on her blog today, part of her 2011 No-Holds-Barred 365 Day Creative Challenge:

From Rebekah:

1) Being creative allows you (forces you) to think about something in a new way
2) Being creative is synonymous with “fun”
3) Being creative is so many things that you probably do it every day anyways
4) Being creative will make you question things you do and questions are always good
5) Being creative is about breaking out of those linear lines we get stuck in and to try something different that maybe, just maybe, we might be a little different for it

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I’ve found that when my writing creativity is stuck—and even when it’s not—it’s helpful to do some creative play in a different, even unfamiliar playground: playing the piano or cooking or painting ceramics.

Think of it as creative cross-training.

Note: When you are ready to return to written creativity, you can use liv2write2day’s Monday Morning Writing Prompt for inspiration.