Bookmark Friday

It’s Bookmark Friday!

I’m going to save The Personal Art of Submissions, Part II for tomorrow so that I can official start today something I’ve had in mind for awhile: sharing some of the terrific blogs posts I’ve run across this week to bookmark for later reading. These pieces have within them even more resources and links, so be sure to schedule time this weekend to savor, learn, and share.

What Do You Want?

Christi Craig’s post Set Your Sights on What You Want has stayed with me since I first read it. It is full of important questions and insight and further resources. I especially enjoyed the link to Anne Lamott’s essay “Time Lost and Found” and information about Sage Cohen’s book The Productive Writer.

Celebrating Everyday Heroism

Marion Driessen, in response to a Daily Post challenge question, paid tribute this week to The Hero in YOU. Her list of “brave acts in daily life that show character when it matters” will give your faith in human nature (and perhaps in yourself) an important boost. Have you recently found “patience when everything inside of you is on fire”? That’s everyday heroism.


I don’t have a Mac, but Kevin Cullis’s guest post on The Creative Penn, Writing, Publishing and Book Marketing Tools for the Mac Lover, will I’m sure be very helpful to all the writers I know who tap out their words on those pretty, glossy white Apples.

Press SEND? Maybe not just yet…

Whether you write on a Mac or a PC or a stone tablet, D. M. Cunningham’s The Effects of Social-Site-Soapboxing offers sage thoughts on “your responsibility as an emerging writer/author and what kind of impact … social sites can have on your potential or continuing career.” Definitely a must-read for both new and experienced writers as we navigate these often murky social media waters.

Jane Austen Made Me Do It

Can there be a better name for a short story contest?! You have until February 13, 2011 to submit an Austen-inspired tale for Ballantine’s forthcoming anthology. Full details are available at The Republic of Pemberley.

Sunshine (how this post makes me feel)

Finally, one of my favorite blog pieces to burrow out from this week’s blizzard was Alimental’s Snowpocalypse, the journey of which follows a walk through the white stuff to Whole Foods, where Hannah and Greg get the fixings they need for a steaming homemade Ethiopian meal (yes, photos are included!).

What have you bookmarked to read this weekend?

7 thoughts on “Bookmark Friday

  1. Hi Lisa! What a great idea: Bookmark Friday. I absolutely love it and will check out the blog posts you mentioned above.
    Thank you SO much for mentioning ‘The hero in YOU!’. We need to have more pride in what we do. We can’t all be brave fire fighters, but we are heroes in our own way.

    • Joanna, I must tell you that your information and perspective, especially regarding writers’ use of social media, has made a difference in how I handle the sometimes awkward world of blogging, Twitter, etc. Thank you. 🙂

      I hope to join you in the apple orchard some day….

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