The final P word in our five days leading up to Februaryβ€”planningβ€”is what I consider the most important, at least for my needs. As interesting as it is to think about how my personality or procrastination or perfectionism or need to prioritize affects my writing (and my life), it all comes down to learning to plan better, something I’ve been slowly working on in recent years but that I need and want to rev up a notch.

I’ve learned the hard way that baby steps work best, so I’m going to keep things simple. My plan is to kick off February tomorrow with this simple, daily goal: to plan my day the night before (okay, is that a really embarrassing thing to write? does everyone else already do this? am I the only one who wakes up chasing the closest thing in front of my nose from dawn to dusk, without a plan?). I’m going to use this cute little notebook (thank you Christi!) to sketch out each night what tomorrow will look like:

It’s the perfect size. Friendly. Portable. Not as intimidating as a bulk planner. Thanks, too, to Jack Canfield for this video inspiration to plan my day the night before so as to give my sleeping mind a chance to do its own planning:

What are your writing plans for February?

P.S. I started 2011 with the goal of submitting one short story per month, so that by the end of the year, I’ll have 12 in circulation. I’m proud to say… drumroll, please…

January Submission: βœ“ πŸ™‚