New Blog Name!

By George, I Think I’ve Got It!

I’m enjoying being part of the WordPress Daily Post Challenge. The reason I signed up in the first place was twofold:

1. to give myself a daily reminder of the importance of writing in my life, and
2. to find my voice and focus here on this blog.

For the past few days I’ve realized that I need a sharper focus for what I post here, and, as often happens, the idea I was looking for came to me last night as I couldn’t sleep. The result is Log Out. Sign Off. Write On, with a sharper focus on what I am currently working toward: creating a 21st century writing life with its complexities of platforms, social media, 24/7 connectivity, and the one thing that never changes: writers’ love for the written word. The URL stays the same, so if you subscribe to this blog, nothing will change except the name that appears on the email or the RSS feed.

Bookmark It: Ollin Morales

“If you want to BE a great writer you need to LIVE a great life.” ~ Ollin Morales

You know those blog posts you run across that stop you in your mental tracks? That you immediately bookmark so as not to lose them? The ones that have the potential to change your life in some way, however small (or momentous)?

Ollin Morales’s guest post on the terrific blog Write to Done, “Why You’re Only 1/4 A Writer and How To Make You Whole Again,” is one of those posts.

“You, as a writer, have a life to live, and you need to live it well.

Because when you ignore your life, you become like a concert pianist who has been given the best training in the world, the best piano to play, the best musical score to follow, the best audience to bear witness, but who does not show up to his own concert.” Read More

When I wrote here yesterday about being scattered, that’s exactly the problem I was searching to explain. My writing self has felt recently to be a fraction among many other fractions of my total self, a sliver of a pie chart, rather than the pie itself (and I do love pie!). The issue, however, is perhaps not so much with my writing as with my living. “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars…

I know that I’ll continue to think about Morales’s words this weekend. If you like his guest post on Write to Done as much as I do, you will probably also enjoy his blog Courage 2 Create.

Was there a time when you changed from being a fraction of a writer to a whole writer? What made the change possible?

Write on, dear readers!

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    • Oh, Kelsey, you always make my day! Thanks sooo much for the (second!) blog award. 😀 I’ll try to catch up with them this weekend. (((Hugs)))

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