Last Day for Discount on Bright, Talented and Black

Tomorrow I want to get back into the rhythm of posting in the morning instead of later in the day. At the same time I’m glad that I was looking for something to write about after supper, because I saw that this is the last day that Great Potential Press is offering 30% off its newest book, Bright, Talented & Black: A Guide for Families of African American Learners, by Dr. Joy Lawson Davis. I’ve been reading this book (look for a book review soon on my education & parenting blog), and I can tell you it is fantastic and a must-have resource for anyone interested in education and parenting.

To receive the discount, order online and use the promo code MLKBTB. Only a few hours remain to receive the discount, so order now!

You can also read a guest post by Dr. Davis and an excerpt from her book on the “External and Internal Challenges of Being Young, Gifted, and Black“:

One way that discrimination and a lack of understanding of Black culture affect African American children is that others simply do not expect enough of them—it is discrimination through low expectations. As a parent, you should be aware that teacher expectations contribute significantly to the way teachers teach and the way students learn. As a matter of fact, some recent studies have concluded that teacher expectations, and thus the learning environment, have the greatest impact on student achievement. Teachers have the ability to strongly influence the lives of their students though the ways they interact with them and the amount of attention they give to them (or not) in the classroom. Read More

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