31 Posts in 31 Days: What I Learned

This is my second post today because I realized I was one short of my goal of 31 posts in 31 days. After finishing a similar project in July on a different blog, I decided to participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge here, mainly to get a sense of this blog’s voice and purpose.

What did I learn?

Bloggers are a varied and generous community.

Life is full of ideas to blog about, as long as I curb my perfectionism and not my enthusiasm.

Once a week I plan to do book reviews.

Guest posts are something I want to pursue more, to showcase other writers and to add some variety.

Brevity is good. Some points can be left out, giving readers the satisfaction of inferring.

Outlining posts for the week works well, as long as I give myself the freedom to change my mind.

One’s reason for blogging is as individual as the blogger. Never try to be someone else.

Sometimes I now write my blog posts out in longhand first (thanks, Kelsey, for the inspiration!).

Twitter is less confusing the longer I am on it. 🙂

I’ll add to these thoughts a bit later. For now, though, welcome to September!

7 thoughts on “31 Posts in 31 Days: What I Learned

  1. Congratulations. I learned not only about bloggers but a lot more about me and trying to write something of value to share every day got me focused
    Your points as so relevant and like you I need to know more about guest blogging as my list is just not growing very fast.
    Keep blogging and I’ll keep reading

  2. Thank you all! I would definitely recommend this kind of project to other bloggers. I have a much better sense now of what I want to do with this blog, why I am writing it, and what works and what doesn’t. It also helped me to let go a bit of some perfectionism so that I can enjoy the process more.

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