This post is a quick update on the new writing habit I began on August 6th: to write for an hour in the morning before going online. I’m happy to say that today was my 24th day in a row of doing so! It hasn’t always been easy, not so much because I don’t want to write or because I crave going online, but because some mornings I didn’t do enough planning the day before to know, at least in a general way, what I will write about. On those days I often did some freewriting or morning page writing for a few minutes first, which helped to get me going. Adding some planning time is definitely a habit to acquire in the future.

It also has helped that my husband reads this blog, and I really appreciate his support of my new habit (as well as the extra accountability).

Because it is so near the end of the month, I’m planning to proclaim this habit established on Tuesday and add a new one on September 1st, with the goal of adding a new habit each month for the next several months. Now comes the fun part of planning just what they will be!

My email inbox clean-up project isn’t going as well, but, in the words of Ms. O’Hara, “tomorrow is another day.”

You’ll also notice I’ve been playing with a possible blog theme. If I can fiddle with the CSS enough to change the paper background color to white or a softer yellow and make a couple of other changes, I think I’ll keep it.