Meet the Peas Interview Series: Bree Ogden

What’s it like to have an agent?

I’ve been asked that a few times recently, perhaps because after having written for several years, I now, for the first time, am represented by a literary agent for my children’s historical novel, Planting Words: My Friend Oscar Micheaux.

It’s not at all what I expected, in the most wonderful ways.

Whereas I expected to wait weeks or months or forever to hear if she was interested in my query or proposal, she responded promptly and let me know that she would give me an answer within a week.

Whereas I expected to feel intimidated by working on the marketing proposal, she made it not only comfortable, but fun.

Whereas I expected to feel out of the loop during the submission process (still in the early stages for my book), she keeps me informed regularly.

Most of all, she radiates enthusiasm and energy in a way that makes me feel good not only about my own writing, but the business of publishing.

The “she” is Bree Ogden. Be sure to read this charming interview with her by one of her clients, Kate Grace. Here’s a snippet:

Kate: Following the “Breakfast Club” rules to sweeping generalization stereotypes, what kind of teenager were you?

Bree: “Part of me was Claire Standish, (The Princess) because I was a spoiled brat who liked to do that sweet kick dance whenever I got the chance. But baby, you better believe the greater part of me was Allison Reynolds (The Basket Case). I went to a performing arts school. We were all Allison—odd and thought we were misunderstood. We used to joke that we were the public school rejects. Let’s just say I was the Princess of Basket Case Land.”

Not as much email progress as I'd hoped, but it's a start!


2 thoughts on “Meet the Peas Interview Series: Bree Ogden

  1. Bree does indeed sound fabulous! I love your progress report regarding work before internet. I’ve cut way back on online stuff this week and have gotten a ton done–only 50 pages of revisions left before I.Am.Done. (for now at least). Woo hoo!

    • Kristi, congratulations! It must feel really good to be so close to the end of revising. I love learning from other people who are finding solutions to living in our online world. 🙂

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