Day five of writing for an hour before going online!

Yesterday, I will admit, the hour was a struggle. What I wrote wasn’t very good. I didn’t really know where I was starting much less going. However, I kept writing. I also reminded myself a) that I’m new to this single-tasking thing, and b) I know from experience that writers have good days and not so good days. It’s a matter of persistence.

Today, however, was fantastic. As I was taking my shower, I had an idea for a scene that ties some things together in my story, so I began my hour knowing what I would be writing about. I am beginning to realize that, when I do know what I’ll be writing about (in other words, when I’ve done a little planning the dayโ€”or showerโ€”before), I can comfortably write about 1000 words of fairly coherent first-draft fiction in an hour. That helps me with further goal setting and planning.

Something else I’m doing is thinking about my next goal, which will involve streamlining my email and other online tasks. I’m starting by doing two things:

  1. Breaking down my online activity into discrete tasks: e.g., checking home email, checking work email, deleting spam comments from my blog dashboard, replying to blog comments, etc.
  2. Paying attention to how much time it takes to do these tasks

I seem to be able to check emails, Facebook, and Twitter, and reply to most of what needs my attention in about 30 minutes. That doesn’t mean I’m keeping it to 30 minutes at this point. I’m just noticing and paying attention rather than acting mindlessly. So, even when I find myself later in the day needlessly checking email, I know it’s needless.

That must be a first step, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Baby steps all the way.