Creative Inspiration: Felicia Day, Mad Men, and Create a Scene Tuesday

You know how, every once in awhile, you need some inspiration for your creativity? I’ve been in one of those places recently. Fortunately, there are a lot of creative folks out there who have inspiration to spare. Check these out:

1. Felicia Day

Joss Whedon fans will enjoy Douglas Eby’s piece on Felicia Day (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog) and how she turned being “creatively bored” into her latest project, The Guild. The article includes this video:


Felicia also has an extremely fun website. Believe me, this creative and energetic woman will inspire even the couchiest of potatoes!

2. Young Adult Novel: Mad Men Style!

Associate Literary Agent Bree Ogden is issuing a challenge on her blog to writers to give her a Mad Men style young adult manuscript:

“I would L.O.V.E a manuscript in the YA category that explores that time period. I know it has been done before. It’s not like I am asking for anything hugely unique. But I want it like Mad Men. I want it dry. I want it cold and hard. I want it real and unabashed.”

I’m getting ready to watch last night’s new Mad Men episode in about 15 minutes, so I am definitely inspired!

3. Create a Scene with a Witch

At Ketch Tavern, Kelsey Ketch has announced this week’s topics for her “Create a Scene Tuesday” series. How will you write about a witch casting her first spell in a school setting? Let’s share our creations on Kelsey’s blog tomorrow!

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